Garage Heater – Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater Review


Garage Heater – Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater Review

This garage heater by Kaussmann is a perfect heating unit for businesses or commercial use. This makes it different from the general heating solutions available in the market as they are normally manufactured for home garages or other areas in the house.

If your business needs a heating solution for your commercial space or business establishment, or simply your garage, the Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater is what you should invest in.

Since it is manufactured by Kaussmann, you can expect the Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater to perform with high quality and reliability. It is also energy efficient, allowing the user to save some money. The details of its quality will be discussed in the succeeding items below.

Kaussmann is a company that is known to manufacture their products with the utmostcare and an outstanding precision. The heater can be easily installed to the ceiling to heat your garage or business space effectively.

The Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater can generate heat of about 5000 watts. With this power, this heater can certainly heat up the area instantly and efficiently. It operates at 22 volts – 240 volts power.

Kaussmann is also known as one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality heating solutions. They also manufacture many cooling devices, making them a popular brand in the market. All of their products are ETL tested and certified, making them live up to the highest quality standards.

Kaussmann is a brand that provides consumers with the excellent cooling and heating solutions that are tested and certified by ETL. They offer a wide range of reliable and energy efficient heating solutions. Their products will not cause any harm to humans or the environment. They provide outstanding comfortability and promote easy installation. These qualities work to satisfy the needs of Kaussmann’s consumers around the world.

Below are the qualities and advantages of the Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater by Kaussmann so you can get a better understanding of this product.


  • This heater comes with a powerful 5000-watt fan heater that makes it a durable and high-performing garage heater. This allows the unit to heat or warm the area instantly. This means that the user of the unit can feel its work immediately, thus giving comfort and preventing potential disruption of activities due to too much coldness in the area.
  • This product has been certified by ETL and has passed the American quality standards. This heater passed several rigorous tests to meet the maximum quality standards for a heating solution. This does not only define the products quality and performance, but its safety as well.
  • The Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater is made of high-quality stainless steel. Itscashing, louvers, fan, hanger, and bracket are all made of durable steel, making it a heavy-duty and reliable heating solution.
  • This heater also comes with a contemporary round design making it look better than most heating units out there. You will certainly find its design more appealing than the other brands in the market.
  • The Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater comes with louvers that can be adjusted by a homeowner easily. This allowsthe user to control the direction of airflow or heat of the device for a better heating performance.
  • This heater also offers a 3 years warranty for its parts and a 5-year warranty on the unit’s compressor.


  • The energy efficiency feature of the Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater allows its users to save on the energy bills. This will surely benefit a lot of consumers out there.
  • The quality standards of this heater give its users the peace of mind knowing that the product is safe and that it will perform well for a longer time.
  • The instant heating quality of this heater gives comfortability to its user.


  • No reported complaints or negative feedback yet for this product.


The heating solutions manufactured by Kaussmann do not come with ducts. This means that a homeowner or business owner does not have to pay any fee to have it installed. This makes the Commercial 5000 Watts Shop Heater and the other heater products of Kaussmann truly cost efficient.

This also prevents huge energy losses that are linked to regular activities or repair involving the ducts. In case you are not aware, 30% of energy consumption is associated with the presence of ducts in a certain machine or device. This consumption will be lessened with the absence of ducts in this heater.

This heater also comes with an adjustable thermostat control for easy thermostat modification based on the requirement of the user. This will let you manage its operations, turn it off, or decrease its power as needed. Doing so will result in a decreased energy expense on the part of the consumer.

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